About CPT

Mission Statement

Our mission at Comprehensive Physical Therapy is to enhance our community and provide an abundance of value by reducing pain, improving mobility, decreasing the need for medications, and assisting in the prevention or recovery from surgeries.

Vision Statement

Our vision at Comprehensive Physical Therapy is to meet the outpatient physical therapy needs of our communities through multiple locations.


Comprehensive Physical Therapy's success is based on our values. While we have many standards, principals, and ideals that make this company a trend setter in our service and professionalism, the following are considered our core values. Please live these values in everything you do.


We seek to achieve excellence by conducting our work with professional competence and expertise, in accords with the highest standards of ethics and proficiency.


Performing with the understanding that I will be responsible for my role within the company. It is the responsibility of each team member to keep other members accountable for their role. Open communication must be maintained to secure appropriate accountability.


Embrace opportunities to learn and improve. We are focused upon continuous improvement - of ourselves, and the processes of which we are accountable. We expand our expertise through learning and apply those learnings to our roles.


We will perform our duties with distinction and to the best of our abilities. We will strive to improve our abilities to be innovative and set a standard for others.